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It’s a well-known fact that seniors who stay active and engaged are happier, retain better cognitive function, are in better physical condition and live independently longer. We believe in interactive care to help keep seniors active and engaged.


Four Essential Components to Interactive Care

Interactive Care consist of four primary components that engage and interact with their clients:

  • An active senior mind promotes independence, better mental and physical health, happiness and a longer life.

  • A well-nourished senior is more energetic, both physically and mentally.

  • A safe senior lives in an environment that reduces the likelihood of accidents and promotes timely response when illness or accidents occur.

  • Home safety is promoted by the companionship of a caregiver and preventive measures.

The Interactive Care Difference

Through the Interactive Care process Ameristars caregivers actively promote health so seniors can continue to enjoy independent living at home.


  • Physical exercise helps seniors reduce the risk of falls, because it conditions and strengthens their muscles. Studies show that exercise is more effective in preventing falls than home modifications.

  • Mental activities like solving puzzles or reminiscing help keep the mind nimble and unclouded by negative thoughts.

  • Nutritious meals and proper hydration are good for the body and help keep seniors’ minds sharp, too.

  • Home safety is promoted by the companionship of a caregiver and preventive measures.

You can count on our team to keep your loved one active and engage through assisting with recall and association, going on walks, visiting people and places, working on a variety of puzzles, doing a hobbies or social activities they enjoy.

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