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Seasons Change

There are times in life that make you stand still and take note; I think we can all agree that the last few months have given us pages to reflect on. Even though this time has been laden with change, uncertainty, and maybe even fear, there is one thing that's still standing, and that's you. We must all find ways to count our blessings and enjoy each season of our lives, no matter what they bring. Finding ways to challenge yourself or relax can feel difficult, and maybe even selfish. With so many facing challenges and lack, it can seem inappropriate to look for joy, but we must. Your life matters and is a blessing. We must take every chance we get to enjoy ourselves. Taking care of one's self is also an act of service to others. When you're filled with contentment and peace, you bring that to the people around you. See our list of ways to bring joy into the everyday. The team at Ameristars Best Care wishes you nothing but the best and beautiful days to come.


They are so special, delicate, beautiful, and unique. They brighten up any room. If you can, get outside and feel them on your skin. Keep them in your home as a reminder of the beauty that life still holds.

Get inspired by art:

Art gives us a chance to escape, an opportunity to express who we are, or wish to be. Pick up that old sketch pad, watch an art show on television, immerse yourself in a beautiful art book, get your hands dirty with paint, or color outside the lines with your grandchildren. Allow yourself to feel free, no matter where you are.

The fall season is here and your beautiful socks and scarves will be a welcomed gift. Pick up your yarn and needle and help bring beauty into your life and the lives of your loved ones. If you've never sewed or knitted, now is a great time to try a new hobby and find a creative part of yourself that you never knew existed.

Grab a Good Book:

There is no easier way to travel than through a good book. Sit up in bed, or by a window with a hot cup of tea and go anywhere you want to go.

  1. Catch up with loved ones on a good phone call full of laughs

  2. Watch reruns of your favorite tv shows, we highly recommend I love Lucy for great laughs.

  3. Get outside for a breath of fresh air

  4. Turn on your favorite song and dance the day away

  5. Have a delicious meal and be thankful for every bite

  6. Play cards or do a challenging puzzle book

  7. Look through old pictures and think about how many good times you've had over the years

  8. Plant something beautiful in the garden or in a window planter

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